Running a company requires creative ideas from your thinking. Currently we have several available position both full-time and part-time. We also open for internship program

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Having full-time job at icdx make me happy and 'shape' my mind about life. I also had an experienced developing an application without any hestitation

Ivanov Adie Ananda
Software Engineer, IT

Working as a industrial governance and compliance about 3 years at ICDX. I experienced a good working evironment, supportive co-workers and a kind hearted boss.

Yohannes Martien
Staff, Regulatory

Nothing beats what I get here, I surrounded with positive energy beyond anything. A meaningful lesson is a must in my opinion, whatever it takes.

Melisa Vania
System Analyst, IT

ICDX is my first job after graduation, after several month, the term of 'Preassure is good for you' is getting real.

Adrian Afnandika
Software Engineer, IT

Available Jobs

Graphic Designer

Marketing Communication

IT Programmer

Information Technology

Data Center Executive

Market Operation

Business Development Executive

Bussiness Development